Start Planning with Wosom Task List

Wosom Task List:

Wosom platform facilitates users with a handy and helpful task list maker that makes them more efficient and productive. You can see your completed, in-progress, and pending tasks through a simple mechanism. Create task lists and track your progress in your personal or professional life.


There are multiple types of task lists to assist users in planning their daily life activities with perfection.

My Task Lists – You can find your personal task lists here that you created to plan your wedding, achieve a milestone, do household activities, complete business tasks, organize a party, etc.

Assigned To Me – If you are a task planner or manager and want to help your customers in managing their daily life tasks, Wosom Task List Maker allows you to customize and check the assigned task lists. After creating the task list properly, you can assign it back to your customer.

Preset Task Lists – Wosom Task List Maker has some preset task lists for different events like weddings. All the tasks are already added to the preset lists, and you can customize their dates or remove unnecessary tasks.


Wosom Task List


Start Planning with Wosom Task List:

Wosom Task List helps you plan your personal or professional tasks easily and precisely. These are some steps to consider for creating or customizing your task list.

  • Create a new task list and enter a suitable title
  • Introduce sub-tasks in the list and mention their dates
  • Mark a sub-task as active, done, in progress, urgent, or blank
  • You can pin or star a task to make it prominent
  • Move sub-tasks to done, archives, or trash up to requirements


How to Create Wosom Task List


  • Add an associate event that is related to your task
  • Show done, archived, or trashed tasks to track your progress
  • Export your Task List to PDF to share with your fellows or colleagues


Start Planning with Wosom Task List