Plan your Wedding with Wosom Calendar

Wosom Calendar:

Wosom Calendar is a useful events calendar with input fields that allows you to select a particular date and set a reminder. Wosom Calendar helps you stay organized in your personal and professional life. You can use this Calendar to plan your wedding or create reminders for upcoming events, meetings, tasks, daily activities, personal milestones, etc.


Plan Your Wedding With Wosom Calendar:

Wosom Calendar provides complete support from planning to executing your indoor or outdoor Wedding events. You can plan your daily, weekly, or monthly events with all the required details. Plan your events and add them to Wosom Calendar for a hassle-free experience. Unleash the simplest solution to plan your wedding and enjoy every moment!


Wosom Calendar


How to Add an Event to Wosom Calendar?

There are a few things that need to be added for a perfect entry on the Wosom Calendar. Follow these steps to add an event to the calendar properly.

  • Select a date from Wosom Calendar on which an event is expected
  • Add a title and choose whether it’s an event, meeting, task, or reminder
  • Customize event duration and notification time
  • Add members or professionals to accomplish specific tasks
  • Add location, files, and description to clarify details
  • Save the fields to create an entry on Wosom Calendar


Plan your Wedding with Wosom Calendar