Add a Max Budget in Budget Estimator

Wosom Budget Estimator:

Wosom Budget Estimator is a helpful and efficient budget planning tool to calculate and manage the budget for all your upcoming events. Create a budget list of all the tasks and activities in an event. Add your available budget and calculate the required budget, remaining budget, paid amount, and due amount simultaneously. You can use this budget estimator to plan the budget for personal or professional events.


Add a Max Budget in Budget Estimator:
  • Start by creating a new budget list to add your max budget for an event
  • Mention the title of the budget list and choose an event with sub-events
  • Introduce required budget items according to your specific event
  • Add your max budget and enter the cost for each budget item
  • Enter the deposit amount, payment, or pay-off with the date
  • Mark a budget item as urgent, active, done, in progress, or blank
  • Archive or delete any budget item and export your budget list to PDF


Max Budget Estimator


Besides budget estimation, you can calculate the actual budget, remaining balance, paid amount, and due amount by considering the cost of events.

Budget – Budget is the fixed amount decided for a specific event

Actual – Total amount to be paid as the cost of sub-events

Balance – Remaining budget after calculating the cost of sub-event

Paid – Cost of sub-events that have been paid or deposited

Due – Remaining amount that is supposed to be paid later


Add a Max Budget in Budget Estimator