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Graphic Designer

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Work Summary:


The Graphic Designer’s role centers on the creation of visually appealing designs in accordance with brand guidelines and design briefs. This includes ensuring proper color schemes, typography, and design principles. Timely delivery of designs in various formats, active feedback incorporation, and maintaining open communication for client satisfaction are central to the role. Organizing design files systematically and providing labeled files upon project completion adds to an efficient workflow and client convenience.


Graphic Design Responsibilities

– Creating visually appealing graphics and designs for various purposes, following brand guidelines and design briefs, tailored to project requirements.

– Complying with brand guidelines and design briefs provided.

– Ensuring the use of proper color schemes, typography, and design principles.

– Complying to project timelines and delivering designs in various file formats as required.

– Incorporating feedback and making necessary revisions to designs.

– Ensuring satisfaction and maintaining effective communication throughout the revision process.

– Organizing design files, including source files and final versions, in a structured manner for easy access and future reference.

– Providing organized and labeled files upon project completion.

– Managing workload effectively to meet deadlines while maintaining design quality.

– Maintaining open communication to understand design needs and preferences.

– Actively seeking and incorporating feedback into design revisions.

Remote Work Flexibility and Safety and Security Measures:

 – Working remotely with the flexibility of adaptable hours.

 – Maintaining open communication with the team and manager is vital for effective collaboration.

 – Ensuring data privacy and security by using a personal laptop or PC to protect sensitive information.

 – Maintaining a stable internet connection is essential for uninterrupted work, along with a distraction-free workspace to maximize productivity.

– Using a headset and camera for effective communication during remote work, promoting clear and efficient interactions.

– Ensuring compliance with platform-specific policies and guidelines.

– Safeguarding sensitive information and adhering to data privacy regulations.

Required Qualifications:

Proficiency in graphic design software, such as Adobe Creative Suite.

– Strong creative and artistic skills, enabling the creation of visually compelling designs.

– Exceptional attention to detail and a keen eye for design aesthetics.

– Familiarity with design trends and industry standards to ensure relevance and innovation.

– Experience with collaboration and project management, as effective teamwork and project coordination are integral to success in this position.

– Proficiency in spoken and written English is crucial for effective communication and content creation in this role.


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