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There are two main sections for couples and professionals. If you are looking for a reliable wedding plan then you should register an account in the couple’s category. Meanwhile, create an account in the professionals’ section, if you are a vendor and searching for real advantage of skills that you have.


If you are a vendor, then you will definitely make an account in the professional category. Follow the given steps one by one to register your account as a vendor.

  • First of all, write a unique user name
  • Add your official or personal email address to make a vendor account
  • Set a strong password that consists of letters, numbers, and symbols, etc.
  • Select your vendor category from the drop-down

Once you have entered all the details, simply tap the Sign Up to successfully create your vendor account.

Open the login page directly, if you have already registered a vendor account. The following steps will guide on how to login vendor account.

  • Write your registered account username or email address
  • Enter the password of the registered account and simply tap on the Login button


Well, your profile is the main section that holds both personal and business information. There are four sub-sections from which each has some specific details.

  • Firstly, you can add your name, address, email address, and contact number. You also find an option to upload your image.

  • In the business profile section, you can upload brand icon image, profile banner image, background image for video play. Besides, here you can add business name, business address, business video, and business description. You also find options to enter your city, state, country, and website details.

  • The password change section allows you to reset a new password easily. You just need to add the previous one and a new password.

  • In the social media section, you can add your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


There are three main options in the dashboard that includes information regarding your total listed items, request quotes, and reviews. Click on the ‘View All’ to see the full detail of any of these sections. Whenever you click on the view option it will take you to the full relevant section.

Listing Items

Start making your listing items to find potential customers. Mainly this helps to explore your business instantly. This Listing Item section shows all your listings and their details of pending, approved, removed, and expired.

How to add a new listing?

Once you click on the ‘Add New Listing’, it takes you to another page where you can fill your listing form. You have to add a listing category, listing title, price, and complete address. Besides, you can write the description to elaborate your listing where you can also add pictures, links, and videos. Further, you can set a location on the map to quickly track your location. Lastly, make sure to click on ‘Submit Listing’ to save your listing details.

Pricing Plan

This section is mainly responsible for your business development. There are three different pricing plans for you named as silver, gold, and platinum. When you purchase any plan, you find excellent change in your business because after that you get a lot of opportunities and features at the same time. By spending a few bucks, you can instantly boost up your business.

  • In the free plan, you can add just one listing for a limited time. There are also a few features available.
  • In the silver plan, you get different features like unlimited listing per user, active social media links, etc. You can upload up to 15 gallery images.
  • The gold plan requires a bit more investment, but it provides you unlimited features and active links in a single package for one year.
  • If you want a lifetime plan then go for the platinum package. You get unlimited everything for your whole business life.


The invoice section contains your billing details like invoice ID, plan name, payment mode, date, price, and invoice.


This section shows your so far performance with customers. The clients leave a review at the end of one task.

Request Quotes

This is also an important tab of your vendor account where you can check your business listing request quotes.


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This section shows your so far performance with customers. The clients leave a review at the end of one task.