How to add a new guest?

Click on the ‘Add New Guest’ and select whom you are going to add single, couple, or household guests.

When you open the single guest section, there you find a simple form where you can add information about any specific single guest. You will need to enter the name, relation, email, address, city, state, and country, etc. of that person.

If you are going to add a couple guest then you have to fill the names of both husband and wife. Besides you can add their address, email, country, postcode, etc. Once you have added all the details then save them from the given button.

Meanwhile, if you want to add the whole family as a guest then you should open the household guest section. There you can enter the first name and last name of each member one by one. Once you have written the name of one person, click on ‘Add New Member’ to enter the details of other members.