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Let’s delve deeper into the details:

Increase Your Exposure

The days of print-and-pray advertising are long behind us.

More exposure

The way to growing your brand is no longer about memorable catchphrases or witty slogans. Now, profitable advertising is all about reach and exposure through digital tools, such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media shares, and similar tactics.

Wosom takes care of all that through our premium plans.

Expanding your reach and gaining valuable exposure has never been easier. Simply choose from one of our plans, post your content, and sit back and watch your conversion rates skyrocket!

Generate New Leads and Clientele

More Viewers

Whether you’re just starting out or simply trying to keep the doors open, everyone in the wedding industry knows that new clients are essential to a healthy business. And fortunately for us, newlyweds are always searching for their next wedding coordinator or special event vendor, but that doesn’t always mean they know where to look.

Take advantage of all the possible new clientele out there by advertising your business on our webpage. Wosom will put you in front of the masses on a scale like you’ve never experienced before.

Featuring with us is also a great way to build your professional network. It is one more opportunity for you to experiment with innovative and creative ways to garner new leads. With an unstoppable network at your fingertips, the possibilities to scale your business are truly endless. Score big by being showcased on one of the first places newlyweds will turn when they’re ready to say, “I do.”

Turn a Profit

More clients

Money might not be the main reason we got into the wedding industry, but it’s certainly one of the most vital elements to staying in it. And while the global pandemic rages on, slowing the rate at which couples are tying the knot, finding ways to fund your company can be difficult.

But with Wosom, you can put those woes to rest. Our premier platform places your services front and center, complete with an active email so you can keep track of your business.

Making money in these trying times can be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. Plenty of couples are ready to recite their vows, and they’re looking for your help! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to protect and grow your company’s bottom line.

What if I Already List Elswhere? That’s great! The more exposure for you, the better.

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One Time Payment | No Monthly Fees | Lifetime updates and support included

The Full Package

Each of Wosom’s packages provides a myriad of services to optimize your listing on our webpage. Depending on which package you choose, you’ll have access to some or all of the following features:

Feature #1


When new customers search keywords like “wedding” or “coordinator” in Google, SEO is what makes sure your name is at the top of the search results!

Your name at the top

Scalable Results


Feature #2

Directory Submission

With wedding directory submissions, you’ll be one of the first options for couples in need of services!

One of the first options

Feature #3

Active Vendor Page

You’ll have real-time access to updates as they happen within your very own active vendor page!

Access to updates

Feature #4

Website and Social Media Links

When customers land on your virtual storefront, they’ll be given the option to link directly to your homepage or any of your social media accounts!

Link directly to your homepage

Link directly to your social media accounts

Feature #5

Image Gallery

Your products and services will be on full display with our gallery feature!

Full display with our gallery feature

Feature #6

Active Email

You’ll have your very own personalized email account to manage business throughout the site!

Personalized email account

Manage business throughout the site

Feature #7

Active Quote Requests

Your products and services will be on full display with our gallery feature!

Products and services on full display

Feature #8


Your business will rise to the top with premium priority!

Rise to the top

Why Upgrade?

Wosom’s listing packages are designed to cater to all types of business. With each minor step up in pricing, there’s a significant jump in quality. Free listings get you in the door, but premium listings get you a lifetime presence on our webpage, in addition to an abundance of other perks.

You’re considering us because you don’t want to be just another number in a sea of wedding service providers. You want your listing to pop, increase your exposure, generate leads, and turn a profit. The best way to do that is to go for the best option you can afford. All packages provide an amazing bang for the buck, so all that’s left is to decide which is right for you.

Upgrade now!

3 Simple Answers

What am I Missing Out On if I Don’t List?

The simple answer? Opportunity! Right now, chances are your business is feeling the burden of lesser consumer demand within the market. It’s like we’ve said before: COVID-19 has suppressed the volume of weddings worldwide, leading couples to reschedule or settle for less than they deserve on their dream day. Don’t let them do it. Chances are, their vision can still be brought to life if only they had the right set of service providers.

That’s you! By listing with Wosom, you’re helping to make client dreams a reality while also increasing your likelihood of surviving these unprecedented times. Pandemics don’t last forever, but the repercussions your company might be facing certainly can. Don’t miss out on the chance to seize coveted business. List with us through one of our premium packages today.

What if I Already List Elsewhere?

Got your business promoted on another webpage? That’s great! The more exposure for you, the better. But unlike our competitors, Wosom’s network of wedding service providers is unmatched. With us, your content is highlighted alongside other incredible brands, increasing your reputation and theirs simply by association.

And because our premium listing packages come with a modest price tag, you can be confident that your name isn’t beside a bust. Every company that lists with us is vetted and guaranteed to provide quality service, ensuring our pool of listers is of only the highest caliber.

Do I Have to Conduct my Business Through Wosom?

No, not at all. We provide all businesses a direct line to potential leads and interested customers, but we in no way require you close transactions through our web portal. In fact, Wosom will elevate your webpage to be front and center. So, if you prefer to close the sale on your site, we encourage you to do so!

As an added benefit, our listing services generate insightful business analytics to assist your team in making informed decisions and understanding your sales trend over time. This, coupled with premium SEO features, means that your company stands to succeed while others struggle.

With Wosom, you’re not pulling any punches when it comes to delivering on the promise of making a bride and groom’s day the most magical it can be.

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