Introducing Andreas Philippides


Leadership with a Vision

Wosom is proud to introduce its team leader, Andreas Philippides. Andreas is an accomplished professional with over 25 years of industry experience. His knowledge and proven leadership have taken Wosom and grown it from a simple idea to a wedding network that is positioned to make a huge impact in the industry.

This success is largely in part due to Andreas’s incredible vision for what the wedding industry could become. Right now, vendors and customers are like ships on the ocean – they might vaguely be aware of each other’s presence out there in the expanse, but knowing who is aboard, what they offer, and how to get to them are all challenges yet to be addressed. Until now.

Andreas sees a future where vendors and engaged couples can easily access each other through an interconnected highway of products, services, and venues. Wosom is the realization of that vision, providing a portal for vendors to congregate and advertise, and where clients can easily access available services and solutions on one easy-to-use platform.

A Background in Making Dreams Come True

When first starting his professional career, Andreas knew he wanted to be a force for positive change but wasn’t exactly sure how. So, he resigned himself to the family business as a temporary form of employment, where he could assist his loved ones and earn income, while he decided what to do next.

But over time, Andreas quickly fell in love with his job. He was a photographer for his mother and father’s company, and with every picture he took, he grew more enamored with the elegance of brides and grooms on their special day. And that’s when the inspiration struck him: Andreas would spend the rest of his career capturing wedding day magic however he could. That would be his legacy.

Since then, Andreas has served in many different leadership positions, including Director of Photography at Philippides Photography, Executive Director of FJ Colorlab Limited, and Project Manager of Consulting C&C, just to name a few. Through his professional journey, Andreas has always held on to the drive that celebrating love makes him feel. And now, Andreas proudly leads the Wosom team, making dreams come true for both customers and vendors alike.

Navigating Uncertainty

The Coronavirus pandemic has upended many of our global traditions. Weddings are some of the most impacted social events from this outbreak, and a return to normal is still some ways off. In fact, many hypothesize that society will never go back to the way things were, but rather innovate and improve in the face of this public health crisis.

That is Andreas’s vision for Wosom. If the pandemic has taught the wedding industry anything, it’s this: People can and will conduct business in a virtual environment, even for something as monumental as their wedding day. Right now, that’s what people are forced to do. But going forward, it’s likely that’s what they will choose to do.

And with strong leadership like Andreas’s at the helm, Wosom is ready to make virtual commerce throughout the wedding industry a reality. Already, Wosom has brokered partnerships with leading vendors in Cypress, and given that global connectivity the internet provides, expects its partnerships to grow worldwide in no time. As more and more countries loosen restrictions, allowing the gatherings of family and friends to take place, the need for tools like Wosom has never been more apparent.

Andreas welcomes new clients and vendors to this online marketplace, and knows that with your help and trust, we can make Wosom the biggest wedding industry revolution in history.


Bullet Points:


  • Andreas envisioned to create a platform where businesses could advantage of all the possible new clientele by advertising themselves on our webpage. We will put you in front of the masses on a scale you’ve never experienced before.
  • With a massive network ready to serve your needs, the possibilities to scale your business are truly endless. It’s time to shine!
  • Our one-of-a-kind platform is designed to place your services front and center, complete with an active email so you can keep track of your business. Nothing is kept in the dark.
  • Our network is unmatched. We ensure your content is highlighted alongside other incredible brands, taking your reputation to a whole new level.
  • As an added benefit, our listing services generate insightful business analytics to assist your team in making informed decisions and understanding your sales trend over time.

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